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Report packages in TOPS [ONE]




The reports module provides various reports to manage your communities. The following steps will walk you through creating a report package to save you time





1. Click Reports and select Packages.

2. Click on Actions  and select Add Package.

3. Under the Package table, fill in the appropriate information.

  • Name – This field is the name of the file that gets created.
    • For example: If you enter in “AR2017”, your file name will be AR2017.pdf
  • Display Name – This field is how the package’s name will display on the package index screen and on the cover page.
  • Include Cover Page – Checking this box will include a cover page.
    • The cover page will show the display nameorganization namecommunity name, and the date.
  • Include Table of Contents – Checking this box will include a table of contents page that shows the sequence of the reports, the report name, and the description of the report.

4. Under Reports, select the reports you want to include in this package.

  • Sequence – Upon selecting a report, you’ll notice the sequence number.
    • Note: This is the order that the reports will display in the package. The reports will be shown on the table of contents.
  • Note: Once you select a report, the Parameters table will become active.

5. Under Parameters, fill in the respective fields for each selected report respectively.

  • Note: Each report may have different parameters.
  • Click on Actions and select Save


To download the Report Package

  1. Click Reports then Packages
  2. Look for the report with the Display Name you just created.
  3. Click Download Report
  4. This will send your report to your Downloads Folder on your PC 
  • You can also click CTRL+J to see you downloads list on Google Chrome 



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