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Enter Bill or Invoice in TOPS [ONE]



Bills are entered into [One] to show the amount owed for goods or services. Such bills are then payed by check or marked as paid. The following steps cover entering a Bill/Invoice.



1. Click Accounts Payable then Enter Bills

2. This will open the Enter Bills page 

3. Vendor - Type in the vendor name  

 4. Type

Bill- an invoice to be paid to a vendor

Handwritten- If you need to enter a check into the system without printing a check.

Credit Memo- allows you to enter in an invoice with a negative amount. Used for discounts or credits from the vendor.


This Time Only

Schedule- Accrue and Notify Me

Schedule Jobs will appear at the bottom of the page if you select this option 


6. Fill out the information under the Details section

  • Bill Number
  • Reference- What the entry is for
  • Bank- Will populate with the default bank 
  • Bill Date - The actual date the Bill was issued
  • Effective Date
  • Bill Distribution -Where the entry will hit your General Ledger accounts
  • Amount - Total amount of the Bill 
  • (optional) Attachments- Pictures of work, or a vendor's business card to attach to an invoice

7. When finished, click Post on the top right 



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