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Add a Vendor in TOPS [ONE]



A vendor is someone who you are paying for goods or services using the AP system. 
recorded against them. 

This guide will give you instructions on how to add a Vendor. 



1. Click on Accounts Payable and  Vendors.


2. Actions, and then Add Vendor.

3. Fill in the fields with the vendor's information

  • Vendor ID: We recommend the ID be an easy to remember
    abbreviation of the vendor’s name. You can type in the Vendor ID if you know it, or use the
    down browse arrow to open a browse list to select the vendor.
  • Vendor Name: The name of this vendor as you would want to see it on checks and reports. 
  • Optional 
    • Phone Number
      • By default, the phone numbers are Listed
      • If you don't want the phone number listed, click the word listed. It will change to Unlisted in a green box
      • To remove a field, Click the "X
      • To add a field, click the +Add button 
    • Email
      • You can also link social media accounts by clicking the +Add button 
    • Address 
      • Click +Add to see other options for addresses 
    • Federal Tax number
      • Receives 1099
    • Eligible for California EDD Reporting 
  •  Click Save or Save & Add New, if you need to enter another vendor now. 



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