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How to view an owner’s account history in TOPS [ONE]



Viewing an owner’s account history in TOPS [ONE] is an important part of management in any CAM system; reporting and display of the history of the owners is a fast and easy way to see the facts!

Step By Step:

Select the Portfolio, click Owners indication from the main menu options. Select an owner. 


Once you've selected an owner, you will be able to see their different Key Performance Indicators, or KPI. 

You can select View History to see a more detailed view for each KPI. 


Clicking View History will open the activity history.

By default, it will show the transactions for the last 30 days. 

You can select the Date Range Filter to edit the dates

You can also Email or print the owners activity by clicking Email Or print 

To view the Owners Activity Report click the  Icon. 



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