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Print checks in a batch in TOPS [One] AP accounts payable



This guide below will give you instructions on how to perform batch AP Processing in TOPS [ONE].



Printing checks can be completed in a few easy steps

  • Click Accounts Payable then Make Payments

  • Click Select on the bills 
    • If you click the actual bill, it will take you to the bills page, please click Select

As items are selected, a number of total items selected will show in the Actions button:

  • Actions > Print Checks:

  • Here, you can review the check before you print them. From here you can remove any unwanted bills or change the check template, bank account, amount due, or post date:

    Checks batches are separated by community. Each community batch will create its own PDF with the checks for that batch. Bills from the same vendor and community will appear on a single check. This is the new default behavior. If separate checks are required for bills, they will need to be run one at a time.
  • Click 'Print' to finalize the process (or cancel to return to the previous step):

  • Click Accounts Payable then Activity

  • To view the last batch you created, click Last Check Date 

  • Click View This Check 

  • This is open the PDF, Click the Printer Icon to Print 




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