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How to email or print a letter to an Owner in TOPS [ONE]




This guide will explain the different ways to send letters to owners. 

You can print or email a template to one, multiple or all the owners in a community. 


To get there: 

  • Navigate to a community page.
    • One way is to click Portfolio then Communities. Then pick the community you want to work on. 


  • Click Actions then Send Letter (top right corner of page) 

  • That will open up the send letter page.


To print or email a letter template:

  • Select either Print or Email 
  • Select a Letter Template under the Template section
    • If you selected email and you don't see the template you need, go to the template library and ensure the template is enabled for emailing.

  • Select the Property Owners you want to email by clicking their name 
    • To select all the owners on the property, click the toggle right under the words property owner
    • If you are sending an email and have selected all owners, it will email those owners with an email address on file and create a PDF with all the selected owners.

  • Click Send on the top right hand corner once the letter template and owners are selected.  It may take a couple seconds, don't click send a second time. Then it will return you to the community page. 
  • If you were sending it as an email, at this point it has now been sent.



If you need to print or review the PDF that was Generated

  • In the activity feed, click the communication transaction number.
    • For example, in the screen capture below the transaction number is COM 70


  • This will open up the Communication Batch
    1. To view All of the letters in 1 PDF click the icon on the top 
    2. To view Each Individual Letter, click the 


  • This will open the PDF
  • Click the printer icon on the PDF page
    • If you don't see the icon, move your mouse around the page and it will appear on the top of the web page.


To print from your iPhone

  • Tap the screen then the "More..." option on the top left 


  • Then Print





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