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Custom Roles in TOPS [ONE]




This guide will give you Step-By-Step instructions on how to set up a custom role, and how to assign permissions on the role on TOPS [ONE]




To Create a new Role: 

  • Click Admin 

  • Find the Roles section on the right hand side, under users
  • Click Manage

  • Under Roles, type in the new role name, then click Add Role 

  • Once successfully added, you'll see  at the bottom left. 



To change the permissions for that role: 

  •  Click Manage 
  • Click Permissions next to the role you want to edit. 

  • Manage Role will open. Here, you will be able to set permissions for each of these specific areas. 
    • Click which Section you want to make edits to
      • If you want to make edits to the AP Permissions, click AP and you'll be able to see the available permissions for that section
        • Same thing goes for AR, Bank, Community, etc.
    • To the right of the section, you'll see a row of boxes
        • If the box is highlighted Blue, that permission is Enabled.
        • If the box is White, that permission is Disabled
        • The All option will select/deselect all the permissions on a specific line
        • The icon will give you info on what permissions are needed for a specific section 
      • Permissions available
        • Read
        • Create
        • Update
        • Delete
  • Make the appropriate changes to each module 

  • After you finish changing the permissions, click Save on the top right corner. 



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