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Fund Balance Sheet Report in TOPS [ONE]




This report shows a list of the balances in all general ledger accounts broken down by funds.

You can view this report on screen, or you can export it to print it. This guide will also give you instructions on how to schedule the report to be emailed to a recipient automatically. 


Fund Balance Sheet VS Fund Balance Sheet by Range 

The main difference between the two is that Fund Balance Sheet by Range will break down the accounts by the ranges that were set up in your General Ledger, instead of it being in one long list. 




How to View/Export 

Starting from the main menu:

Click Reports then Standard. 

Look in the General Ledger section.

Click Fund Balance Sheet.

  • Edit the As of Date, Sort, Export Format, if needed.
    • As of Date - Date used for calculating balances.
    • Sort - Arrange the report by your preference 
    • Export Format - Select the format to download the report to. 
  • If you made any changes, click  to see the changes in the balance sheet at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you're finished, click 
    • This will export to whatever format you picked in Export Format


 How to schedule a report

  •  Click the  icon 

  • Schedule -Will let you email reports at a scheduled time, or as a one-time email. 

    • Frequency- How often you want the reports to automatically be sent. (Once, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
    • Permitted Days-pick which day you want the reports to run, if you don't want the report to run on a specific day, unselect those days.
    • Start Date- Select the day you want to start the scheduled reports
    • End Date- Select the date you want the scheduled reports to end. 
    • End Time- Select the time you want the reports to stop running. 
    • Recipient- Type in the email where you want the reports sent
  • Click Schedule at the bottom of the screen 


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