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Setting up a new community in TOPS [ONE]



Adding a community 



Starting from the main menu:

Click Portfolio and select Communities.

Click Actions then Add Community


Enter the Community Information 

Community ID's cannot be used more than once, even if you delete the community. 


Account Ranges 


Enter the Fiscal Start Date 

Select the Accounting Period Frequency

  • Monthly 
  • Quarterly 

Pick an Accounting Method 

  • Cash- Income is counted when cash (or a check) is actually received, and expenses are counted when actually paid 
  • Accrual- Transactions are counted when they happen, regardless of when the money is actually received or paid 
  • Modified Accrual- If an AP bill has not been received for an expense incurred during an accounting period, the expense is not recorded(accrued) until the bill is actually received. 

Add your Account Ranges 

  • Create Ranges 
  • Import from a .csv file 
    • You can download a sample to view the correct format for TOPS [ONE]


Accounts & Balances 

Add your General Ledger Account 

  • You can either use Use Default Values
  • Or Import your .csv
      • Beginning Balance Journal Entry - If you want to add a specific post date 
        • Toggle off to disable this feature 
    • You can use the sample as a reference 
  • Select the Required Accounts
    • Retained Earnings
    • Accounts Payable 
    • Default Cash


Add Bank Information 

Enter your Bank account information 

Choose your Bank

  • If you have other communities set up, those banks will appear in the drop down menu, Select the bank
  • If you don't see your bank listed, click the 
    • Fill in the Bank ID (Alias)
    • Bank Name 
    • Display Name
    • Routing Number
  • Click  if finished
    • To add another bank, click 

Fill in the Account Details 

  • Account Name
  • Account Type
    • Checking 
    • Savings 
    • Other
  • Select a  
  • Account Number
  • Lock box ID
  • Routing Number
  • Starting Check Number
  • Click 
  • If you want to add another account, fill in the information for the next account
  •  If not, click 


Add Codes

Add Charge codes

  •  Default Codes
  • Or Import your own codes 
    • Select the file 

Import Charge Code Categories

  • Click 


Add Properties 

To Manually Add A property click 

  • Add Property Address 
  • Optional
    • Account Number 
    • Lot Number 
    • Square Footage 
    • Asses Value
    • Owner Ration
    • Hold Payment
    • Hold Delinquency Notice 
    • Is Direct Debit
    • Is Rental 
  • When Finished, click  or  to add another property 

To Import your own properties, click  and select your file 

When Finished, click 




Add Owners

If you previously imported your properties with owners, you'll see "This community has ___ Owners" 

  • To Manually add an owner, click 
    • Type in the owner's property address 
      • Optional
        • Enter Owner Name 
        • Display Name 
        • Primary Number 
        • Email Address 
    • If finished, click 
    • To add another owner, click  then Done

Import Balance & History

Click to import your Owner Balance. Select the file and upload 

Click  to import your Owner History. 

  • To add a Beginning Balance click create then add a Post date
  • If not, click None 
  • Select the file and upload 

 Click  when finished 


Review your community setup

Click  when you're ready to go! 



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