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Enter bill or invoice in TOPS [One] AP accounts payable


TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-02-2017

Bills are entered into [One] to show the amount owed for goods or services. For example, landscaping repairs or utility bills. The following steps will walk you through posting a bill.


  • Click AP Accounts Payable. AP_Accounts_Payable.png
  • Select AP Enter Bills
  • Use the search box underneath VENDOR to find the Vendor you wish to enter the bill for.
  • Select the TYPE of entry (Bill or Handwritten Check)
  • Select the SCHEDULING for the entry (This Time Only, Schedule- Accrue and Notify Me, or Automate- Automatically Post Transaction)
  • Enter the DETAILS for the entry.  This will include Bill Number, Reference (What the entry is for), Bank, Bill Date (The actual date the Bill was issued), Effective Date, and Due Date
  • Enter in the Bill Distribution (Where the entry will hit your General Ledger accounts), and how much the entry is for.
  • If you have any Attachments to add (Pictures of work, or a vendor's business card to attach to an invoice), then you will enter it in the Attachment Gallery section
  • At the top right, hit Post
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