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Cash receipt batch entry in TOPS [One] AR accounts receivable


TOPS [One] Version, Revision 1, last updated 06-01-2017

The Cash Receipts function gives you the ability to track payments that owners make. The following steps will walk you through adding a cash receipt batch.


  • Click AR Accounts Receivable and select AR Cash Receipts.
  • Click Actions and select Add Cash Receipt.
  • Under Post Date select the date that you’re posting the payment on.
  • Under Add to Batch, select the owner who made a payment.
    • Under Check Number, type in the check number associated with the payment.
    • Under Amount type in the total amount that the owner paid.
    • On the right side, Click on Details (AR_Details.png) button to expand payment allocation.
      • Code Distribution to use – Selects the code distribution list that you want the payment to follow.
      • Target Bank – The target bank will default to your primary bank.
      • Allocation Table - The allocation table will allow you to determine where you want to allocate the cash receipt.
        • Amount Left To Distribute - This field will display the remaining balance that hasn't been allocated.
        • Code - This column will display the code alias of a code.
        • Description - This column will display the code name of a code.
        • Due - This column will display current outstanding balances for each code listed in the table.
        • Paid - Here, you'll allocate how much of the payment you want to allocate to a specified charge code.
        • Total - This column displays the ending balance of the charge code. This is automatically calculated when a value is entered into the paid field.
    • Note: if you get a warning icon (AR_Warning.png), hover your mouse over the icon to review why the warning came up.
      • For example, The check number is already in use; or, there is an unposted cash receipt for the selected owner.
  • Click on the “+” button (AR_Add.png) to add the cash receipt to the Current Batch.
  • To add another payment to Current Batch, repeat the following steps above, starting at Add to Batch.
    • Continue these steps until you have added all of the payments received.
  • Finally, click Save to add the cash receipt to the Open Batches.
  • Click on the checkbox (AR_Checkbox.png) to select the batch you want to post.
  • Click Post Selected to post the cash receipt batch.
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