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Add a misc. cash receipt in TOPS [One] AR accounts receivable


TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-24-2017

The Cash Receipts function gives you the ability to track payments received. The following steps will walk you through adding a miscellaneous cash receipt.


  • Click AR Accounts Receivable and select AR Cash Receipts.
  • Click Actions and select Cash Receipts.
  • Under Details, fill in the information regarding this payment.
    • Bank Account – This field will populate with the default bank account.
    • Check Number – Enter in the check number of the payment received.
    • Reference – Enter in the reason, or a reference point, for the payment.
    • Amount – Total amount of the payment.
    • Effective Date – This will be the date that the transaction will hit your GL accounts.
  • Under Distribution, you’ll need to enter in the Account Number and Amount in the respective boxes.
    • Is this check covering multiple receivables?
      • Click on the + button (AR_Add.png) to add an addition account and amount field.
        • Note: You only have to click on the + button (AR_Add.png) when adding multiple If you only have one distribution account, do not click on the + button or you’ll get an error message.
        • Tip: The Account Number and Amount fields should match the number of accounts the payment is applying to. (I.E. Assessment Receivables and Special Assessments Receivables will have 2 rows)
      • Finally, click Post (AR_Post.png).
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