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Creating a report package in TOPS [ONE]


TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 07-10-2017

The reports module provides various reports to manage your communities. The following steps will walk you through creating a report package to save you time.


  • Click Reports (Reports.png) and select Packages.
  • Click on Actions (Actions.png) and select Add Package.
  • Under the Package table, fill in the appropriate information.
    • Name – This field is the name of the file that gets created.
      • For example: If you enter in “AR2017”, your file name will be AR2017.pdf
    • Display Name – This field is how the package’s name will display on the package index screen and on the cover page.
    • Include Cover Page – Checking this box will include a cover page.
      • The cover page will show the display name, organization name, community name, and the date.
    • Include Table of Contents – Checking this box will include a table of contents page that shows the sequence of the reports, the report name, and the description of the report.
  • Under Reports, select the reports you want to include in this package.
    • Sequence – Upon selecting a report, you’ll notice the sequence number.
      • Note: This is the order that the reports will display in the package. The reports will be shown on the table of contents.
    • Note: Once you select a report, the Parameters table will become active.
  • Under Parameters, fill in the respective fields for each selected report respectively.
    • Note: Each report may have different parameters.
  • Click on Actions (Actions.png) and select Save.
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