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Add a manual cash receipt in TOPS [One] AR accounts receivable



A manual cash receipt is used when you receive a payment from a homeowner.

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to add a Miscellaneous Cash receipt 



1. Click Accounts Receivable and select Cash Receipts.

2. Click Cash Receipts- MANUAL

3. Edit the Post Date if necessary 

The Cash Receipt Date is very important, it is used as the default date for each owner
cash receipt you enter during this session. It is also used as the“transaction date”for the
cash receipt, meaning, it is used to determine when to give the owner credit for the
payment, therefore, it controls whether an owner is“late”in making payments or not.

4. Add an Owner

You can search an owner by their name, address, or account number. 

5. Enter the Check Number 

6. Enter the Total Amount Number 

-To distribute the amount to different charge codes, click Detail 

  • Code Distribution to use – Option to choose which cash application order is applied to this cash receipt.
  • Target Bank – The target bank will default to your primary bank. You have the option to change the bank.
  • Allocation Table - Determine which charges will be payed.
    • Amount Left To Distribute - This field will display the remaining balance that hasn't been allocated.
    • Code - This column will display the code alias of a code.
    • Description - This column will display the code name of a code.
    • Due - This column will display current outstanding balances for each code listed in the table.
    • Paid - Here, you'll allocate how much of the payment you want to allocate to a specified charge code.
    • Total - This column displays the ending balance of the charge code. This is automatically calculated when a value is entered into the paid field.
  • Note: if you get a warning icon (AR_Warning.png), hover your mouse over the icon to review why the warning came up.
    • For example, The check number is already in use; or, there is an unposted cash receipt for the selected owner.


If you are backdating cash receipts, verify the balances in for each code for that date by referencing the Owner Balance Sheet Report for that day. 

-To add another cash receipt to the batch, click 

7. When finished, click Save 



This will show you the Communities with an open Cash Receipt batch, and the number of open batches. 

8. Select the Community you want to work on. 

9. Select the batch you want to post

By default, it'll automatically select all of the batches that are still open within that community. Deselect any batches you don't want to post. 

10. To make any changes to that Cash Receipt, click the Edit  icon

11. Once completed, click Post Selected 






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