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How to Export Coupons and Statements



TOPS [ONE] exports coupons and statements in the formats required for our partners South Data and Optimal Outsource.  

For more information, on our partners, click below:

Optimal Outsource

SouthData, Inc

This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to export coupons and statements. 



1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community you want to work  on. 

2. Click Actions and select Export Coupons.

Partners Use the dropbox to select a partner 

2. Number of Payments type the number of payments your owners will make

 set the date you want owners to start paying by

Message (optional) Enter a message from you to your owners for them to see printed on the coupons

take note this field does have a limit of 180 characters, max 4 lines.

4. Select your fiscal year from the Fiscal Year drop down

5. Select the codes you want to include on the coupon file by clicking the check boxes 

6. Under Owners select 

All Owners - Default Option 

Selected Owners (No Direct Debit) 

You will see the amount of properties included in the coupon file to the right. 


7. Click Export Coupons 

8. A file will be downloaded onto your device in the format selected. 



1. Click Portfolio then Communities. Select the community you want to work  on. 

2. Click Actions and select Export Statements.


Fill out the Parameters 

 Partner Use the dropbox to select a partner 

Statement Date Use the calendar Icon to select a date or type it in the box. 

Start Date  The first date the statement will pull transactions for. 

End Date The last date the statement will pull transactions for. 

Due Date  

Message (optional)


Property Owner Options 

Include second owner name - If there are multiple owners on the property page, this will show the names on the statement. If it's not selected, it will only show the primary owner name 

Includes owner with a $0 balance -  This feature is on by default. Leaving this option enabled will ensure that a statement is generated for every owner. Deselecting this will 

Include Owners with a Prepaid Balance - This feature is on by default. This will include owners with a prepaid balance.  Even if they have a $0 balance. 


Statement Info Options 

Include Balance Forward-  Enabling this will pull any balance that exist prior to the start date entered. If this option is disabled, the activity feed will only show activity for the period that was entered in. If the option is enabled, you will see a line named  Balance Forward, it will have the  sum of all the transactions ending balance as of a day before the start date entered in. 


Include Selected Charges- This option is on by default, and is selected to include every charge code. To pick only some codes, click the  button then deselect the codes you don't want to include in the statements. 


Include Future Charges- It will show the charges that will be applied in the next period.  This will change the Total Amount Due to reflect those charges. 

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